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candyhearts13's Journal

8 August 1985
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I'm a super-senior at Missouri State.
I'm majoring in instrumental music education with an emphasis in performance.
Spring 09 is my last semester of undergrad classes, then I student teach!
Then I'll go to school some more, and get my masters and doctorate so i can teach college horn.
I want to play in the Wicked orchestra pit.

I'm pathetically addicted to xanga and facebook.

I love music and good films and cuddling and people who make me laugh till i pee my pants.
I'm sassy and smart and fun.
Enoucouragement is my spiritual gift.
I love sunshine.
Sequiota Park is my favorite place on the planet.
I love to write, and read, and expand my ideas and intellect.
Playing horn is probably my favorite thing ever.

And I love SARAH for putting this pretty, pretty layout on here.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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